At a Glance

University graduate, entrepreneur and artist. Well-versed in various visual and performance art forms, I carry a peaceful air of confidence about me. The studious type. The indulgent type. I immerse myself into everything I do, everything I touch.

I appear more youthful than my 32 years, my natural beauty hails from Sweden and I possess curves that only hint at a world of possibilities. A classic Taurus, we are known to be very down-to-earth, attentive & intensely sensual creatures.

The Experience

Like the cosmos, I aim to provoke thought and create a sense of awe. This is an experience that truly changes you if you give it the required attention.​ A woman of a higher caliber, I will unearth a level of confidence you didn't know you could possess and empower your discernment.​


To get lost in laughter and repartee. To savor in those little moments of wisdom, humor, passion. I can promise you will be in the best of hands and heart.


You should enjoy epicurean adventures with someone who compliments and captivates your true self — live those intrinsically satisfying moments, again & again, vividly, sweetly, uninhibited, the inherent pleasures of life.

The Details:

Availability: Tour/FM2Y

Time as a Companion: Four years

Nationality: American

Heritage: Swedish, German

Age: 32 years old

Height: 5'5" / 164 cm

Bust: 34DD

Build: Hourglass figure

Dress size: 8 / M

Hair color: Natural blonde

Eye Color: Baby blue

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