Model and Travel Companion of the hush-hush nature, a total smokeshow, unparalleled in experience — not beholden to any one place, only available for travel and while on tour.

Swedish beauty, 32 y/0. Athletic figure with the addition of curves, natural blonde hair, baby-blue eyes. Standing at a fit and energetic five-foot-five, with a gorgeous smile, bronzed skin and cheeks that flush rose-pink during orgasm.

University graduate and entrepreneur who moonlights as a high-end companion. Well-versed in various visual and performance art forms, I carry a peaceful air of confidence about me. The studious type, the indulgent type. I immerse myself into everything thing I do, and everything I touch.​​​ A classic Taurus, we are known to be very down-to-earth, attentive & intensely sensual creatures. 

A total smokeshow, men lay eyes on me and momentarily forget themselves. Some women have laid eyes on me and given chase as well. Underneath the beauty, I am a woman of a higher caliber — exciting, fun and rousing in ways you haven't yet imagined. I will unearth a level of confidence you didn't know you could possess and empower your discernment. I will provoke emotion and feats of physical performance you thought long-ago inconceivable.

In the words of the naturalist, author and philosopher, John Muir - "When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe." Innate or otherwise, our pursuits are better served when we are open-minded to the possibilities.

Like the cosmos, I aim to provoke thought and create a sense of awe. This is an experience that truly changes you if you give it the required attention. I want our parallels to transcend beyond just the physical - simply meaning - I want a real connection. Like you, this experience is more than just innate feelings. We will get to those, oh boy, will we ever, but don't let that be the pinnacle of the engagement.


There is so much more to human connection when two people can go "Oh yeah! I saw them in concert too!" or can share a meal and dote on one another in silence because what you share surpasses words. If you've no idea what I'm talking about, then you my friend have missed out. If you've somewhat of an idea, then you and I are about to set the world ablaze!


It's to to get lost in those moments of laughter and repartee, to savor those little moments of wisdom, humor, passion, with someone you feel wholly connected to and can be your true self around. Those intrinsically satisfying moments, that you may experience time and time again, vividly, sweetly, unrushed, uninhibited, those are the inherent pleasures of life.

"Sway exudes sensuality but more than that, she is a joy to be with - smart, fun, sexy. Your pulse races just from her look and smile..."

"She has the beauty of a woman in her 20's, but carries herself with the class of a woman in her 40's"

Rates start at $2,500 for a dinner date

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