Swedish beauty, 32 y/o, university graduate, entrepreneur and artist. I'm a companion part-time, selective and partial to FM2Y trips, but will also double my travel as a tour from time to time.

Athletic figure with the addition of curves. Standing at a fit and energetic five-foot-five, with a gorgeous smile and cheeks that flush rose-pink during orgasm. A spectacle from all angles.

A woman of a higher caliber, I carry a peaceful air of confidence about me. Charismatic, witty, devilishly charming — I'm everything you'd expect from a high-end companion, plus some.



Miami, Florida

9am - 3pm

Outcall only​


Location N/A

9am - 11pm

FM2Y / tour​


I am not beholden to any one place, I travel frequently and like to disappear for a few days at a time. The best way to book me is via a FM2Y trip, best planned with at least 72 hours notice.

My ad says I'm based in Miami — I visit there often but do not in fact live there. If you reach out to book within Miami, travel arrangements will still need to be made. It's a quick one hour flight for me, but please plan accordingly.

Please note, it will be outcall only, to there or any other FM2Y destination. In regards to tours, an upscale boutique hotel / resort will be available for incall.



East Coast

FOUR HOURS | $2500

dinner date


FIVE HOURS | $3000

event date



up to 12 hours

West Coast

OVERNIGHT+ | $5000

up to 16 hours


up to 24 hours

WEEKEND | $8000

up to 48 hours


I've a preference for longer, more connective engagements, where we can really take our time to get to know one another in a relaxed, unrushed atmosphere. I want us to connect, share some stories, become familiar — and then we can shift gears and I will show you my naughty side.


Dates of four hours have the option of having it take place behind closed doors, but should still include ample wine, room service / Uber Eats and conversation. Add a full-body massage with warm oil, followed by a shared-shower, and you my friend have a fine evening planned.


Dates of more than four hours must include more than one form of entertainment beyond the bedroom, like a long dinner followed by the spa, a piano bar, shopping, or a dip in the pool.


In-date extensions are offered at $700 per hour  • a 25% non-refundable deposit will be required on your first and all future bookings • cancellations of less than 48 hours forfeit the deposit; cancellations of less than 24 hours are required to pay an additional 25% cancellation fee.


You made your way down to the booking section! Let's make sure you are well on your way and you don't just bang away at that keyboard in excitement! When we meet, we will instantly feel connected, like old friends who fucked in some other lifetime.

You're welcome to reach out an inquire about my availability first, but include details about the when and where you'd like to meet. After that, the following below information will be requested:

  1. First, please attach two items: (1) a photo of your drivers license and (2) a recent photo of yourself (waist up, you deviant). I appreciate my suitors to be roughly height to weight proportionate, and between the ages of 35 to 55 years old. Bonus points if you are sporting a dad-bod and / or salt-and-pepper beard, because those are my weakness.

  2. Next, introduce yourself. I'd love to know a bit about you, your interest, and if you. Tell me about how you went to a Burning Man concert many years ago, or your favorite quote from Carl Sagan. Be random, and organic. No backspacing.

  3. Let me know your preferred date, time, duration and the city where you would like to meet. Also, give me a rough idea of how you envision the date playing out, but leave out the wordy-dirties. Unless I am already traveling, I'll ask that you cover the cost of my flight and stay.

  4. Okay last step! I will need one of the following two options:
    (1) two or more referrals from upscale companions that you met with no longer than six months ago and whom reside in the United States. Please list their websites only.
    (2) provide verifiable work information (such as an established LinkedIn account with your profile photo / your professional medical or legal license number / your name, photo and title listed on a prominent company website / an inconspicuous email from your work email address that may be sent to my unlisted, burner email address).

Okay, that's it! Expect a reply from me within a few days. Please be patient with me. I entertain selectively, I like to do my research. The more information you send in your inquiry, the better able I am to make my decision. After this, it's all downhill. :)

Email your inquiry to:

Don't forget to attach the pics!

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